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Explain your role and how long you have been at CV?

My role is the overseas rep for the central Tuscany region.  My role is simple and is to help build the guests experience while at the villa ensuring it meets their expectations.... and more!

This can be booking services such as wine tasting, hiring classic cars to drive through the beautiful Tuscan countryside, organising dinners or even pizza making lessons. This is my 14th year with CV Villas .

Describe a typical working day as a representative?

A typical day can begin with doing a couple of villa visits. This is usually the first full day for their holiday. Usually guests are interested in knowing a bit about the history of the villa and the local area.

We discuss the various plans they have for the week and I make suggestions of a couple of off-the-beaten-track secret spots where to go! It can be a less well known restaurant with delicious food, or a beautiful remote beach that you can only get to by foot.

The afternoons are usually spent in contact with customers arriving the following week and the various owners ensuring everything is ready for a perfect week in a Tuscan Villa!

What makes Tuscany special? Why should people holiday there?

Tuscany is really unique in that it has a bit of everything. It has beautiful rolling hills with famous vineyards. It has some of the most important art cities in the world.

You can visit the city of Florence in the morning and be sitting in a Chianti Vineyard in the afternoon. It has stunning beaches and seven islands to sail around.

It has mountains to ski in winter or hike in summer... and of course, the Tuscans will tell you that their cuisine is the best in Italy!

If I visit Tuscany, What’s the one meal I shouldn’t miss?

The flagship plate of Tuscany is pasta with wild boar sauce. Every restaurant makes it, each with their own variation. I love the Siena version which is served with Pici pasta!

Which is your favourite villa within our whole Tuscany Portfolio and why?

It’s impossible to have one favourite but I love Villa La Sassicaia. It's in an elevated position with stunning views. You are surrounded by vineyards and forests, yet so close to the beach.

It has hill top medieval villages nearby with amazing views of the sun setting over the Mediterranean. It’s near the wine area of Bolgheri, home of the Super Tuscan wine of which the villa is named after. The pool is superb and of course the tennis court is a real bonus!

Would you recommend Tuscany as a good destination for a family holiday and why?

Absolutely! There is nothing better that a villa holiday in Tuscany. You can slow down to the local pace of life, relax with the family and enjoy the wonderful Italian climate.

Take your time and choose between visiting world famous sites or just lay by the pool for a week!

What would be your top tip for someone considering a villa holiday?

Take advantage of the extra services available. It can make a huge difference to the experience.

It can be having the cook come to the villa to  prepare some delicious home-cooked dinners with recipes passed down through generations or having your rep book you into some small, boutique family run vineyard that you won't find on the internet.

Use the local knowledge at hand to enhance your stay and create wonderful memories!

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