Luxury villas in Croatia

Fashionable and stylish yet steeped in tradition and blessed with immense natural beauty, this delightful country wears its “Pearl of the Adriatic” title with more than a dash of charm and considerable flair.

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Croatia villa holiday guide

Our villa holidays in Croatia provide the chance to experience natural riches, fascinating history and offer everything from ancient sea forts, secluded coves and quaint harbours peppered with swanky yachts to chi-chi cocktail bars and plenty of culture. This is a country that has assumed fashionable status while avoiding the excesses of mass tourism – and our luxury villas to rent in Croatia are an ideal base from which to enjoy this wonderful destination at its very best. If your holiday idyll is typified by turquoise waters, stunning beauty and walled cities in which to kickback over a dinner of superb seafood and local wine, you’ll be in your element in Croatia.

Flights to Croatia

Our Croatia team can easily add flights as an optional extra to any villa holiday booking. Whether you're travelling to Dubrovnik, Split or one of the Islands, just speak to a member of the team about arranging your flights and any other extras or click on any of the region names above to find out more.

  • Arrival Airports
    We can arrange flights to Split or Dubrovnik airport and assist with onward travel to any of the islands where necessary.
  • Airport Transfers
    We can also easily arrange transfers to and from the airport to your villa, even if you aren't booking a flight with us. Click here to find out more.
  • How to add flights to your booking
    Speak to a member of the Croatia team today who can quickly and easily provide a quote for flights travelling on your chosen dates, and can book them there and then.
Flights to Croatia

Beaches in Croatia

Many of our villas in Croatia benefit from being situated near to some of the country’s best beaches. From sandy to shingle and family friendly to designer-infused style, Croatia’s Adriatic coastline spans many thousands of miles, while its 1000 or more islands simply add to the considerable appeal of this delightful, often surprising country. Shallow waters, Blue Flag cleanliness, picturesque coves and backdrops of mountains and pine forests converge to make this one of the world’s most enticing – and photographed maritime corners. If you want to swim in safe and secluded bays, hangout with locals or sit back and people watch along the harbours of Split and Dubrovnik, Croatia villa holidays are just what you’ve been looking for. 

Beautiful panorama of famous Adriatic beach Golden Cape (Zlatni Rat), Island of Brac

Eating & drinking in Croatia

Although all our luxury villas in Croatia come with full kitchen facilities where you can work your own culinary magic, do make sure to sample the delicious delights that Croatian cuisine offers.  Superb fish, tasty stews, Bosnian specialties and the imaginative use of fresh, locally produced ingredients combines with an Italian influence seen in excellent risottos and the signature dish of manistra na pome (pasta in tomato sauce). You’ll also be spoilt when it comes to choice - everything, in fact, from delightful, family-run tavernas to white tablecloth formal dining. And you may also be rewarded with panoramic views while enjoying a glass of the rather fine wines produced around these parts.
Small coastal restaurant on beach in Bol town, Brac island, Croatia

Things to do in Croatia

If you’ve opted for one of our villas in Croatia with a private pool or near a beach it may be hard to tear yourself away from luxurious relaxation, but there’s a wealth of history, culture and adventure to be had in this beautiful country. Explorers will be rewarded with cathedrals, Roman ruins and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, while the active can choose from hiking and fishing, windsurfing and sea kayaking, mountain biking and rock climbing. And on top of all that there are museums and galleries, wonderful walks and a well-preserved heritage wrapped up in frequently breath-taking natural beauty.
Aerial drone view of kayaks in the Adriatic Sea

Nature in Croatia

National parks, trails set among lush and fragrant pine forests, magnificent waterfalls, fig and almond orchards, olive groves and ancient vineyards – anyone wanting to reconnect with the natural world really will be charmed by Croatia. From one of the highest mountain peaks in the Adriatic to literally hundreds of plant species and an abundance of wildlife to lush forests, a unique system of lakes and, of course, that coastline of secluded bays and uninhabited islets, our luxury Croatian villas are the perfect bases to ensure your holiday is steeped in nature.

Panoramic view of the canyon and estuary (mouth) of Cetina river, town of Omis and island Brac in Adriatic sea through the rocky Dinara mountains, Croatia