Villas with cook service

About the Collection

The ultimate indulgence

Pamper yourself with the knowledge that you can relax while wonderful meals will be cooked for you and your party, one less thing to think about during your time away. Some of the villas in the CV portfolio have cook service included in the rental price, whilst others offer this indulgent extra at an additional cost, well worth spending for that extra special touch.

a chef or a cook

The terms cook and chef are used so often interchangeably, that it can be difficult to tell the difference between the two. Generally speaking, a chef is someone that may obtain a culinary degree, whereas local cooks are rarely trained to professional standards and may range from the villa maid doubling up, to good local cooks. Cooking usually consists of simple traditional food, either prepared in the villa or brought from home. The Villas With Cook Service Collection includes all villas where a cook or chef are available, so make sure to check the individual villa page for further details.