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Alma di Bari

Describe the perfect day in your destination?

Wake up at dawn for a breakfast of fresh brightly colored fruits with a double Espresso. An early walk to the local market to get the best ingredients for a delicious homemade lunch. Spend the afternoon exploring the area.

What are your top travel tips for your destination?

There's almost 500km between the north and the south, with so many different landscapes to see. I would usually say that the first time visiting Puglia is like a starter. Then you need to come back if you want to find the place of your heart.

What local cuisine would you recommend to people staying in your destination?

Apulian cuisine has very simple ingredients: the secret of its tasteful dishes is in the freshness of the local and seasonal ingredients. Not to be missed are focaccia barese, traditional tiedda with rice, potatoes and mussels, the capocollo cured from Martina Franca and the grilled meats in Cisternino with local sausage, lamb ribs and bombette (rolls of pork stuffed with capocollo cured and caciocavallo cheese).

What experiences would you recommend to our customers in your destination?

Puglia or Apulia is an extraordinary land! You will discover crystal clear sea, archeological ruins, amazing architecture and delicious food.