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Explain your role and how long you’ve been at CV.

I’m a villa specialist in the sales team and have been at CV for 6 years.

What are the current trends in the type of holiday people are looking for?

People are looking for all types and we have something for everyone. Some guests like to be close to villages and the ocean, some prefer to be remote. We book for couples and also for parties up to 25 guests, sometimes including the beloved family dog! Whatever people are looking for, we’ll do our utmost to find it.

What is your favourite destination?

Hmm, a bit like trying to choose your favourite chocolate in the sweet shop?! Mallorca in March/April for crisp sunny days and the glorious mountains.

Kefalonia in the summer for sunshine, beaches and the most welcome slower pace of life.

Which is your favourite villa that you’ve stayed in within our whole portfolio and why?
Equally difficult to answer, despite much consideration! I love Petrino in Corfu for its stunning views and proximity to the harbour and amenities. After a delicious chicken souvlaki in the village, it’s just a short stroll home.

When and where did you go on your last familiarisation trip?

Toward the end of November I enjoyed a few days in the Algarve. The skies were blue and the beach cafes lovely and quiet.

Which villas did you see in the Algarve?

Vale do Lobo and Quinta do Lago are incredibly popular and we’ve added some splendid new villas here – Villa Iria (pictured below), Villa Neves and Villa Edite.
All enjoy great positions near golf, beaches and local amenities. Fabulous pools too!

What would be your top tip for someone considering a villa holiday?

Just get in touch and we’ll find the perfect villa for you….

If you'd like Angela to help you find your perfect villa, simply call 0207 261 5400 or send us an enquiry today.