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Explain your role and how long you’ve  been at CV. 

I am a villa specialist and have been at CV for 2 and a half years now (wow, where did the time go?)

What are the current trends in the type of holiday people are looking for?

This time of year most enquiries are for summer 2020 and people in search of warmer climes (who can blame them in this cold weather?). We are receiving more enquiries for extended families (grandparents, kids and grandchildren).  We are also beginning to receive a lot more enquiries for wedding villas.

What is your favourite destination? 

Wow, that’s not fair.  If you had asked me a month or so ago I would have said Greece or Italy but having just come back from Florida this has jumped to the top of my list!  It was never really a destination I had thought about before but there is something for everyone.

Orlando of course has the most amazing theme parks, great restaurants and shops; and then just a couple of hours drive down to the West coast is Englewood and the Sarasota Keys with lovely long sandy beaches and sunsets.   

Which is your favourite villa that you’ve stayed in within our whole portfolio and why?

Cercis on Lefkada – those views are something else!


When and where did you go on your last familiarisation trip?

That was Florida in November.

Which villas did you see in Florida? 

We are in the process of expanding our portfolio and saw many new villas along with some of our current villas.  What I like about the villas is not just the quality, which is exceptional, but most of the villas in Orlando have themed children’s bedrooms as well as a games room which can range between just a billiard table to a karaoke simulator.  

We also saw villas on the west coast of Florida and was able to explore the area and even had time for a trip on an airboat in search of Alligators, we were in fact very lucky as were saw a manatee with its baby in one of the lakes.

What would be your top tip for someone considering a villa holiday?

I would say to rent a car. Whichever destination you decide to go to even if you can walk to the beach and the town.  Each destination has so much to offer and explore from small mountain villages to secluded beaches.

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