Luxury Villas In Kaminaki & Agni

Kaminaki and Agni attract visitors with their striking beauty, but you can snorkel, explore the rocks and attractive villages, too.

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Kaminaki and Agni holiday guide

Agni and Kaminaki lie at the heart of a north-east coast, an area of such beauty that it has long attracted the seriously rich: the Rothschilds, one of the world’s great financial dynasties, have a mansion here. But you do not have to be rich to enjoy the good life on Agni and Kaminaki holidays: there is no better place on the island to enjoy a leisurely taverna lunch, or to just potter about by the water’s edge.


Kaminaki beach is on a sequestered bay hidden below—and virtually undetectable from—the main road. It has fine shingle, and lots of rocks to explore on both its little headlands. Numerous villas dot the hillside. Agni’s beach curves below a rich backdrop of cypress and eucalyptus trees and lemon and olive groves, and looks out on a bay enclosed by headlands. The beach is pristine shingle; the water limpid and crystal-clear.

Agni beach

Things to do

There is little more energetic to do in Agni and Kanimaki than sunbathe, swim, or enjoy food and wine. You can hire a boat to pootle about in, or snorkel in the clean, clear water. Renting a car brings the north coast into range, from bustling Kassiopi to the small water parks of SidariCorfu Town to the south, or the winding roads and attractive villages of Mount Pantokrator.

Corfu Town

Eating and drinking

Agni is defined by its three tavernas, all with terraces accessible from the beach and wooden jetties. The food and service are equally good: enjoy a leisurely lunch, swim, watch the kids play on the beach as you sip a post-prandial brandy, or dine on the terrace and watch the light drain slowly from the sky. The fish caught out in the bay; you can feast on crisp fried whitebait, cod, and bakaliaropitta (salt cod in pastry), as well as fried courgettes, stuffed peppers, or spicy sofrito(meat stew).

Fried Whitebait


Agni has made a name for itself for its setting, the food of its three family-owned tavernas, and the friendliness of its people. Already known for its beauty from the books of Lawrence and Gerald Durrell, Agni increasingly attracted the rich and well-connected, from British politicians (George Osborne, Peter Mandelson) to Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich. Do not be surprised if a millionaire’s yacht slides into view

Mooring jetties