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While we may not be able to travel just yet, when the clouds have lifted and travel resumes later this year we’ll be raring to go on our next vacation. In the meantime, there is no harm in having a little travel inspiration for the year ahead. So here are some of our top picks to tick off your bucket list, for when it is safe to travel. 

The Côte D’azur

Beach Cote d'Azur

The French Riviera is where million-dollar yacht-studded harbours and iconic beaches meet quaint hilltop villages and beautiful baroque buildings. Cannes is a European hotspot recognised around the globe for its film festival. Festival organisers, like so many others sadly had to cancel last year's event entirely, but just this week said that the Cannes festival, currently scheduled for May 11 to 22, "will certainly take place in 2021", but could be postponed to a time between the end of June and the end of July. This time of year is ideal for a villa holiday, with wonderful weather for lounging beside your private pool. Stay near St Tropez and you might follow in the footsteps of filmstar Brigitte Bardot at Plage de Pampelonne, or walk the promenade spotting yachts and colourful fishing boats, stopping off for coffee and pastries in one of many chic cafés. 

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While many think of Ibiza as a hedonist’s holiday ideal, there is far more to this iconic island than meets the eye. The party scene is only a small part of an otherwise laidback holiday destination. Step off the beaten track for charming towns and picturesque villages, paired with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, for a relaxing getaway on the white isle. This balearic beauty has been high on my own bucket list for a number years (even higher now after a cancelled trip in 2020!), but we are quite sure Ibiza will be back with a vengeance in summer 2021. 

If you’re looking to go even further off grid, a day trip to Ibiza's relaxed little sister island Formentera takes just 25 minute by ferry. 

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The Amalfi Coast 

Amalfi Coast

The moment you cast your eyes upon an image of this iconic coastline, it is easy to imagine living La Dolce Vita. Arguably Italy’s most celebrated coastline, here is where cascading pastel villages sit upon towering cliffs, against a backdrop of deep turquoise waters; hidden coves pepper the coastline with spots for secret swimming. If you are to tire of the awe-inspiring vistas (you won’t) spend a day in Pompeii and step back in time to wander Roman streets and ancient yet remarkably well-preserved ruins frozen in time.

It goes without saying, this part of the world is also a foodie’s paradise and it is worth noting that the city of Naples is where pizza was born! Rumour has it Sorbillo is one of the best pizzerias in the whole of Italy!

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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka beach

I’ve long been seduced by the exotic appeal of Sri Lanka. A show stopping island off the coast of southern India, it is home to endless beaches, lush landscapes and world-famous Ceylon Tea. A huge draw is the ability to combine a relaxing beach break with an exciting adventure in one trip. Sri Lanka is one of the few remaining places where you can see hundreds of wild elephants roam free; with National parks in abundance, no holiday here is complete without coming face to face with these majestic gentle giants.

The island’s cuisine alone is enough reason to warrant a holiday here - think bright colours and mountains of flavour in curries, lamprais and of course Hoppers - the Sri Lankan answer to the pancake.

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The Greek Islands

The Greek Islands

A welcome addition to any bucket list as far as I’m concerned is an island-hopping tour around the gorgeous Greek Islands, for sun-drenched beaches, whitewashed villages and those ever-inviting cerulean seas. If time were no object, I would spend months bobbing along, seeing as there are over 200 islands, but if I had to pick one to visit this year it’s Corfu, and in the hope that travel will have returned to normal by May, I’ve just booked a weeks stay at Kalokairi Beach House!

Corfu is where it all began for CV Villas back in 1972, as a husband and wife team who fell in love with the beautiful north east coast. With its idyllic bays and rolling olive groves peppered with over 100 of our luxury villas, the Emerald isle is for everyone. Discover the island’s natural beauty on foot on the famous Corfu trail or slow down to the island’s pace at one of many stunning beaches. Whatever you plan to do in Corfu, a boat trip is the absolute best way to explore this island’s incredible coastline.

Corfu boat trip

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