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Our favourite foodie villas in Tuscany

Four villas perfect for foodies in Italy's romantic region

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Postcard-perfect Tuscany is a gourmet paradise. The food here is local and seasonal, boasting some of the most flavoursome delights you’ll find across the whole of Italy. This pastoral region is also synonymous with all things wine, from the rolling hill estates and long tiers of vineyards to the quaint medieval villages from which several famous bottles get their name.

We have plenty of villas in Tuscany that are perfect for foodies, from wonderful outdoor kitchens and properties with vegetable gardens to being able to have your own private chef or in-villa cooking classes. Read on to discover some of our favourites.

1. Tenuta del Reggello

Offering breathtaking views across the Tuscan countryside, Tenuta del Reggello is an elegant property designed for utter peace and seclusion. The villa’s charm lies in its beautifully vaulted ceilings, ornate furnishings and chic décor, offering several inviting living spaces in which to relax and dine, including two living rooms and a gym with a built-in sauna. Guests can also enjoy complimentary wine tasting at a nearby winery, sampling pale, dry roses to full-bodied reds in the heart of Tuscany wine country itself.

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2. Casetta Compito

A charming villa nestled in the heart of Tuscany’s hills, Casetta Compito is ideal for a family getaway or romantic retreat. The pretty stone property is perfectly positioned to enjoy the pastoral landscapes, complete with a terrace, private pool and poolside dining patio. Ideal for guests who want to get a true taste of Tuscany, the villa features a built-in barbecue and pizza oven, tucked enchantingly between the olive trees. Test your pizza-making skills in this beautiful location famed for its fine olive oil and succulent flavours. 

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3. Tenuta del Chianti Classico

Keen gastronomes need look no further than Tenuta del Chianti Classico, the perfect retreat for a foodie escape. A glorious venue for a gathering of friends and family, the villa is encircled by sloping lawns dotted with old pines, studded with graceful cypress spires, and focused on an infinity pool. Al fresco living is enhanced by a sunny patio with serene views, a rustic dining terrace and a built-in barbecue for sizzling lunches. For an additional cost, a talented cook will prepare a stunning continental breakfast and dinner.

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4. Il Pozzo

Flawless Il Pozzo dates back to the eighteenth century, set on twelve hectares of orchards, olive groves and vegetable beds. Al fresco living is encouraged here, with hammocks for snoozing in shady spots and well-furnished dining and lounging areas beside the pool, beneath the trees and on the villa’s terraces. A private chef is also more than happy to prepare lunch or dinner for you. Cooking classes and lunch preparation are also available. The villa is also close to the beautiful town of Pienza. Don’t miss out on tasting the famous Pienza Pecorino cheese!

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If one of these Italian gems has taken your fancy, make sure to speak with one of our Villa Specialists or make an enquiry today. For more, have a browse of all of our lovely Tuscan villas.