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Greek Bourdeto 'Carnayo' & Cous Cous Recipe

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Greek Bourdeto 'Carnayo' & Cous Cous Recipe

Our recipe for October comes from Spyros in Paxos.

Spyros Tranakas is originally from Paxos, he studied for many years in various countries and returned in 2001 to his homeland where he opened his restaurant Carnayo.
Together with his team he is offering you a contemporary local cuisine. The menu is based on traditional Greek recipes that he has adapted, using fresh ingredients many of which come from his garden.
He is able to offer a contemporary twist to dishes that have been handed down over many generations.

Recipe for Bourdeto 'Carnayo' with cous cous

Portions: 8


  • 1 octopus around 1,5 kilo, steamed with a bay leaf and black peppercorn
  • 1l of water from cooking the octopus

  • 8 small calamari rings, cleaned and cut into strips

  • 16 prawns, peeled and cleaned

  • 500g white fish (Sea Bass works well) filleted in 8 small pieces

  • 500g fresh tomato, diced

  • 100ml dry white wine

  • 50ml olive oil

  • 2 clove of garlic finely chopped

  • 8 big leaves of basil blended fine with olive oil (50ml)

  • 100g courgette, diced

  • salt

  • pepper

1. Place all the seafood and fish in a pan and grill

2. Meanwhile, sauté the garlic in 50ml olive oil

3. Put the chopped tomatoes in the white wine reduce on heat until the white wine has reduced.

4. Fill the pan with the octopus broth (not all, aprox 800ml), bring it to boil and add 500 g of cous cous. 

5. Cook it like a risotto, stirring as the liquid is absorbed (add more both if needed)

6. When its ready add the blended basil leaves and leave it for 3-4 min

7. Finish it with a 100g knob of butter 

8. Plate it and add all grilled fish and seafood on top all the seafood

9. Drizzle on top a bit of the basil infused olive oil that you've done before

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