Paperback Book Day

When was the last time you sat down to relax with the latest page-turning paperback?

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Monday the 30th of July, is Paperback Book Day so grab your favourite book and enjoy summer reading like never before. Holidays are perfect for resting and reading is one of the most relaxing activities. Away from the pressures of everyday life, work and school, summer vacations are a wonderful time for adults to restore good reading habits and introduce children to the world of literature, stimulating their imagination with great stories and fantasy adventures.

Take that paperback you didn’t read during the year, either for lack of time or desire; make the most of those books related to your life projects or a specific career you are pursuing, or read again those you loved and are close to your heart. If you are not a very good reader, try a light-hearted fiction book so that reading doesn’t become tedious. It’s no use carrying around a 500-page novel if we can only devote 15 minutes a day to it.

Here at CV we have chosen three wonderful villas that provide the perfect setting for you to relax in and enjoy the pleasures of reading whilst on holiday. 

Hemingway House, Barbados

With steps to the sands of Mullins Beach below, Hemingway House is a contemporary villa perfect for a luxury family holiday, combining high levels of service with a sense of informality. For the ultimate unwinding experience, head to the exclusive swimming pool set in tropical gardens amongst palm trees, and relax on a sun lounger with a copy of The Old Man and the Sea, a short novel written by Ernest Hemingway. 

Villa Glaros, Paxos

Let your imagination fly over the west coast of Paxos in this fabulous villa with stunning views of the Ionian Sea. Read the ancient Greek epic poem The Iliad, written by Homer, under the umbrella perfectly positioned by the exclusive infinity pool with breath-taking views over the cliffs and down to the glittering sea below. 

Le Balconie, The Amalfi Coast

This wonderful villa features every detail one could possibly imagine for the ideal Amalfi Coast holiday. If you can bear to take your eyes off the stunning sea views, a true bookworm will enjoy long al fresco hours reading their favourite paperback on the terrace. Relax in-between chapters and take a dip in the breathtaking infinity pool. Umberto Eco's historical mystery novel, The Name of the Rose, with a plot that catches you from the very beginning, is an excellent choice for this outstanding location.