Our top villas with hot tubs

What better time to self-indulge

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Now feels like the perfect time for a dose of escapism, so today’s post comes with a large dollop of self-indulgence. It’s time to unwind as we take a virtual tour of our top villas with hot tubs.

Sole e Mare, SICILY

The gorgeous hot tub out on the terrace at Villa Sole e Mare in Sicily

Situated close to the water’s edge in southern Sicily, Sole e Mare  is a chic and petite property, perfect for a couple or family of three. Located just a short walk away from the picturesque stretch of pure white sand at Fontana Bianche beach, Sole e Mare is a contemporary haven for relaxation. The pièce de résistance is the villa’s hot tub, perfectly poised out on the pristine terrace offering infinite azure horizon views.  

Villa Selene, zakynthos

The  hot tub and pool with far-reaching sea views from Villa Selene

Further south in Zakynthos is seductive Villa Selene, surrounded by a natural pine forest that beckons stressed-out city dwellers. In contrast to its sublime surroundings, this contemporary house is incredibly well-equipped with some of the finest facilities in the Greek islands, including a gorgeous 12 metre long pool and a blissful garden bar. The plush daybeds out on the terrace are ideal for afternoon snoozing, while this hot tub is so utterly idyllic it would be entirely possible to stay immersed for hours on end. 

Villa Balbina, algarve

The expansive terrace with pool and jacuzzi at Villa Balbina in Portugal

The promise of a villa so close to the sea that you can smell the crisp salt air is rather irresistible. That’s where Balbina comes in. Situated on the Algarve above a semi-private sandy beach, this Portugal property oozes luxury from its core. Balbina’s hot tub enjoys uninterrupted views over the med and the villa’s fully-stocked bar (with beer on tap) will ensure no guest goes thirsty while bathing.    

Villa Belvedere, Umbria

Breathtaking views of the rolling hills of Umbria, from the hot tub and pool a Villa Belvedere

The views alone are enough to send you to a blissful state of tranquility at Villa Belvedere in Umbria, yet for optimum relaxation the breathtaking vistas are best enjoyed from the comfort of the villa’s hot tub. Sunken into the expansive terrace both the pool and hot tub enjoy breathtaking views across the rolling Umbrian hills featuring Antognolla’s medieval castle - a picture-postcard scene.

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