Live like a local in Umbria

Experience La Dolce Vita in Italy.

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‘La dolce far niente', the sweetness of doing nothing. Whether that's sipping some local wine watching the world go by, enjoying a book whilst taking in the sunshine, or strolling cobbled streets taking in the beautiful architecture. It's what Italians pride themselves on, and we think is the secret to a great holiday. So, take a look at our authentic Italian experiences we recommend trying when visiting Umbria.

1. Visit Perugia

Perugia, the Capital of Umbria showcases the heart of Italian culture. Established by Fabius Maximum Rullianus in around 310 BC, this city has bounds of historical charm. From art galleries to Gothic palaces, there is plenty to get up to in Perugia.

Where to stay

Villa Bramasole is a thirty minute drive from Perugia and holds the same unspoilt Italian charm. This villa is in a relaxing location in the centre of a beautiful bucolic nature reserve, so enjoy the Umbrian countryside, whilst still being able to enjoy the hub of the capital.

2. Head over to Sualzo beach

Due to Umbrias central location, many presume that a holiday in the countryside means having to give up the idea of spending time by the beach. But unknown to most, Umbria has a handful of waterside beaches that are not on the coastline, but in fact inland, at ‘Lake Trasimeno’ the regional park, or known to locals as the ‘sea of Umbria’. This area  has delightful beaches where you can spend all day long, lounging around and swimming in the lake. Try out Sualzo, Tuoro or Zocco beach to live La Dolce far niente.

Where to stay

Le Caselle is the closest to these handful of beaches by just a twenty minute drive. If you like to mix your days up between pool and beach, then Le Caselle has a beautiful pool with your name on it too. This villa provides a quiet retreat experience where guests can feel a million miles away with surrounding rolling hills.

3. Browse local delicacies in Norica

We all know that Itlians love their meats and cheeses and food that is produced locally with love; but where do they get it from? Well, if you head over to Norica you will find out. Join the locals by wandering round food stalls and purchase something of your own to enjoy back at your villa. A lot of these shops are commonly named ‘Norcinerie’ after the wonderful town they are situated in.

Where to stay

Villa Zafferano is a magnificent and spacious villa with an incredible al fresco area, perfect for enjoying your newly bought produce from Norica whilst looking over impeccable far reaching views of Umbria. Nordica is an hour's drive away, but it's worth the trip.

4. Visit the poppy fields

The Sibilini national park is a jaw dropping sight to admire. If you want to make the most of this scenery, we suggest visiting in May and July, when the flowers are out in full bloom. Monti Sibillini also has great trails for anyone looking to explore a little further and trek along the mountain in the sun. Live like a local and roam the natural wonders of Umbria.

Where to stay

Our villa Casale Del Sole, offers undisturbed escapism whilst being within easy reach of fascinating towns and cities. The Sibilini national park is an hour's drive away, whilst being a few minutes drive from the town of Montefalco where amenities are at your disposal. 

5. Try fishing with the locals

Umbrian locals fish at dawn, and have been doing so since 1980 in their own traditional and unique way of net fishing called ‘passive fishing’. These fishermen head out and simply lay nets down and let the fish swim in without anything to entice them, ensuring less waste and a sustainable approach to fishing. Learn from them yourself and book an experience with ‘Cooperativa Pescatori del Trasimeno’.

Where to stay

Vergiliano di Sopra is a large luxurious villa in a timeless pastoral setting with 360 views of the Apennies. Lago Trasimeno, where the fishing is held, is just a thirty minute drive away.

Our Villa Specialists are happy to book a range of experiences for you. If you're feeling inspired by these experiences and would like to speak with one of our Specialists, make an enquiry or browse our Umbria collection today.