Five reasons to visit Puglia

Our top five reasons to visit Puglia.

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Considering visiting Italy but undecided on which region? If food, beaches and beautiful architecture is your thing, then you might have just found your answer. Take a look at our top five things to do whilst visiting Puglia, we’ve got you covered on the accommodation too.

1. Italian Cuisines

We all know Italy is renowned for its cuisines and Puglia has some of the most diverse dishes in the country. Due to Puglia’s impeccable weather conditions, growing produce is at an all time high and it has become one of the biggest food destinations in Italy. If you are visiting, get prepared to enjoy impeccable local fresh food.

Where to stay

Villa Chiaraluce is located just 800m from local restaurants. However, if you prefer a night in, we can arrange a private chef for to cook you local cuisines in the villa.


2. Traditional Trulli

Trulli buildings are traditional and beautiful rustic homes that have been around for as early as the fourteenth century. These remarkable clusters of over 1500 structures, are only situated in the town of Alberobello, north of Puglia and are renowned for their remarkable drywall construction and use of limestone boulders, gathered from the neighbouring fields.

Where to stay

Stay in your very own Trulli at our Trulli Fiori

3. Beaches

Puglia's coastline, encompassing over 10% of Italy's entire coast, extends for 540 miles along the heel of Italy, offering some of the finest weather in the country. These beaches are all unique in their own way. From small coves with traditional Italian architecture, to wide sandy beaches with nothing but sand dunes in sight. But if we had to pick, we would recommend Marina di Pescoluse, known as the ‘Maldives of Italy’

Where to stay

Base your villa around the beach. Marina Di Pescoluse is just a ten minute drive away from our villa, Ruvilla.

4. Activities for amateur chefs

Delve straight into the culture and learn something new. From pasta making classes with the locals, olive oil tasting and scoping out vineyards, educating yourself on the food process makes it taste more rewarding when you consume it.

Where to stay 

Our villa Masseria Coloniale is a short drive away from the renowned ‘Leece’ city where a handful of these activities are available.

5. Sightseeing 

If you see yourself as a bit of an explorer, then look no further. Puglia is rich in history, so scope out ancient castles, charming cathedrals and roman ruins. 

Where to stay

If this fascinates you, it is only appropriate to stay in our 11th century, historic villa, Masseria Torre Pinta.

Our Villa Specialists are happy to book a range of experiences for you. If you're feeling inspired by these experiences and would like to speak with one of our Specialists, make an enquiry or browse our Puglia villa collection today.