Top five activities to do in the Balearics

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Nestled in the sparkling Mediterranean Sea and exposed to luscious sunshine, is the Balearic Islands. Each island offers a diverse range of experiences for every type of traveller. From breathtaking beaches to entertaining evenings, you can be perfectly matched with your next villa holiday with the information below.

1. Watersports - Menorca 

If you enjoy time out at sea, Menorca is your answer. If you are a fan of boats, take one out to go snorkeling through warm waters, or hire a yacht and sit back and enjoy the breeze. If you prefer something more challenging, try out diving, windsurfing or canyoning. And if you would rather enjoy watersports that leave you feeling a little more calm, have a go at paddleboarding. 

Where to stay

Our beachfront villa, Mermaid cottage, is perfect for anyone looking to base themselves around the water.

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2. Breathtaking beaches - Mallorca

If you are an avid sun worshipper and like to spend your days lazing around on the beach with regular dips into the sea and lunchtime trips to the bar, then Mallorca is the place to be. As the hottest island in the Balearics, soaking up the sun on the beach all day long is a given. One beach to keep in mind if visiting, is Cala Llombards. A tried and tested beach by us, where we can confirm that its crystal-clear waters are heavenly. 

Where to stay

If you want to stay at a villa near this beach, take a look at Ca’n Mondrago.

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3. Entertaining evenings - Ibiza

If you are a night owl who wants to make the most out of a holiday day and night, then look no further than Ibiza. Yes, there are still things to do during the day, but there are a handful of activities to get up to in the evening. From late night markets to live music with the locals, Ibiza is the hub of atmosphere once the sun goes down.

Where to stay

If you would like a villa close to amenities, take a look at Villa Lucita.

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4. Old town strolls - Mallorca

If your idea of fun is strolling through beautiful Spanish towns full of character and history, then you will want to visit Mallorca. ‘Palma de Mallorca’ is the place to try out first. With charming independent restaurants, local shops and delightful ice cream stalls, this town has it all. Palma also holds lots of history, the famous cathedral of ‘Santa Maria’ is outstanding and should not be missed if visiting. You may even get to see horse and carriage strolling by, a sight not to miss. 

Where to stay

If you want to base yourself around Palma, take a look at Deia Village House, just a 25 minute drive away. 

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5. Eating out - All

If you are a foodie and love to try local authentic cuisines, then all the Balearics come in first place. Spain is renowned for its tasteful delicatessens, from Paella to tapas, you’ll never be far from a great dish.

Where to stay

If you need some inspiration on where to base yourself, take a look at Sa Punta de S'Aguila, just a short drive away from local restaurants and an in villa cook service to provide delicious dishes around the clock.

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Our Villa Specialists are happy to book a range of experiences for you. If you're feeling inspired by these experiences and would like to speak with one of our Specialists, make an enquiry or browse our Balearic collection today.