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Explain your role and how long you’ve been at CV

I am a villa specialist at CV Villas and started working here in 2007. I help customers to choose their perfect villa and I specialise in France, Greece, Spain, Croatia and Portugal. I can help to arrange car hire, bike hire, boats, flights and any other requests a customer might have from a birthday cake, to a full time chef.

What are the current trends in the type of holiday people are looking for?

People love villas on the beach with sea views and those which are within walking distance of some restaurants. But we do also get many requests for customers looking for something very special and off the beaten track.

What is your favourite destination?

My favourite destination is Corsica. It has the most dramatic landscapes in Europe, with vibrant towns and stunning sandy beaches. I will always remember swimming in Calvi’s crescent shaped bay, overlooking stunning mountains covered in snow in early June.

Which is your favourite villa that you’ve stayed in within our whole portfolio and why?

My favourite villa I have stayed in is Villa Jasmine in Corfu. It has the most amazing views of the turquoise waters at Kalamaki beach and mountain views of Albania. You get the most spectacular sunrises and you can enjoy it from every bedroom, as each room has access to the terrace. As the sun sets you can enjoy the lights of little villages across the water with a glass of wine. The villa is very spacious and beautifully decorated. It makes a great choice for a family or group of friends as all the bedrooms are very similar.

When and where did you go on your last familiarisation trip?

My last familiarisation trip was in Corfu right at the end of October 2019. I was not expecting good weather, but it fact it was very warm and we even were able to swim in the sea! The island was very quiet, but most of the restaurants and supermarkets were still open.

Which villas did you see in Corfu?

We saw quite a few villas in North East Corfu. We went to Vinita and Zografia, Indiana and Las in Kassiopi, then we visited villas in St Stephano village like Meraki, San Stephanos House, Giorgos, Evangelia, Fotoula and Eleni and then some more in Kerasia and Agni. We stayed at Nero Beach house (pictured below), which is a spectacular villa with very large grounds and lawns, and it's located right on the sandy beach!

What would be your top tip for someone considering a villa holiday?

My top tip would be to choose the villa with the view, even if it is slightly further from amenities. You can enjoy the privacy and al fresco dining out on your private terrace with the most amazing views, whether that's out to sea or over rolling Tuscan hills.

If you're feeling inspired by Milda's recent travels and you'd like her or one of our other specialists to help you plan your next getaway, simply send us an enquiry today.