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Your welfare is our prime concern and we have taken all reasonable steps to try to ensure that you get the most from your holiday with us. Wherever possible, we have assessed any obvious potential risks and have addressed them in a way that we feel is appropriate. Please bear in mind however, that standards of safety and regulations vary from country to country. As we operate so diversely, some destinations may not adopt the same standards to which you are accustomed at home. Please be vigilant for your own safety and that of others.


If you are staying in one of our featured hotels, please ensure that you read their safety information provided in your room. We also recommend that you take a moment on arrival to familiarise yourself with your nearest emergency escape route.


Villa Books
On arrival at the majority of our villas and houses, you will find a comprehensive Villa Information Book. All Villa Books are individual to each property and are a useful guide to your villa and local information. They include all contacts you may require during your stay and highlight any safety elements specific to the property, including escape routes to be used in the event of an emergency.

Low Walls & Balconies
Many of the villas we have chosen for you are built on hill slopes with descending gardens and spectacular views. In order not to detract from the surrounding scenery, low walls and balconies are often a popular design at some properties. Please ensure that all members of your party are made aware of any low walls at your villa on arrival. Please take extra care of any children in your party.

Gas Appliances
A few of our villas use gas appliances to heat their water. While we ensure that they are well maintained, it is appreciated that some of our customers may prefer not to stay in villas with these types of appliances. Our experienced Travel Experts will be happy to help you choose the best villa to meet your needs and requirements.

General Safety Information

We would like to highlight the following safety recommendations that are also repeated in the Villa Books. Some may appear obvious, but are worth noting. Many are also applicable to hotels:

General Safety
• As a general rule, please exercise the same care and cautions that you would at home.
• Remember that children may be less careful than adults in new surroundings – so please take extra care with childre on balconies, stairs and around water.
• Please remember that when crossing the road, traffic may be travelling in the opposite direction.
• Do look after your personal belongings – please take advantage of safety deposit facilities where available, and ensure that personal items are not left on display in cars.

Fire Safety
• On arrival take time to familiarise yourself with the emergency exit routes.
• Read any safety information in your villa/room. Make a note of the nearest fire extinguisher and how to raise the alarm in the case of fire.
• Ensure that all cigarettes/cigars are extinguished and that candles or fires are not left burning when you go out or go to bed.
• In the event of fire, leave your villa/room immediately. Do not stop to pack or collect your belongings. Stay calm and do not panic.
• Exit the building as quickly as possible closing all doors behind you.

Balcony Safety
• Take extra care on balconies. Children should never be left unsupervised or allowed to climb on furniture or railings.
• Adults should also be careful – do not sit on the balcony wall or railings. It is not advisable to lean over balconies.

Glass Doors
• Please take extra care when using these as in bright sunlight it is not always obvious whether they are open or closed. A few glass doors are equipped with toughened safety glass but these are not legally required in some countries.

Electricity and Gas
• Please respect gas and electricity as you would at home.
• Please follow any instructions given for appliances.
• Please ensure that all gas and electric devices are turned off at night or when you are not in your villa or room.
• Do not tamper with any related fixture or fitting.
• Please report any faults immediately.

Jacuzzis, Steam Rooms & Saunas
Please do not use these facilities if you:

• Suffer from heart disease or circulatory problems.
• Suffer from an infectious skin disease, sores or wounds.
• Are pregnant (or seek medical advice before using the facilities).
• Are taking anticoagulants, antihistamines, vasodilators, vasoconstrictions, stimulants, hypnotics, narcotics or tranquilisers or any other medications.
• Suffer from an illness causing an inability to perspire.
• Have eaten a heavy meal and/or alcohol within one and a half hours.
• Are feeling unwell or suffering from any medical condition.
• Have recently exercised. Please allow time for your body temperature to return to normal.

Children (under 12) should not be allowed to use the facilities.

How to use the facilities safely:

• They can operate at high temperatures, so ensure that they are set at a comfortable temperature for you.
• Do not wear contact lenses, glasses, make-up, jewellery, watches or any other metal items.
• Stay no longer than 8-10 minutes at a time. Take a cold shower between sessions. Spend no more than 20-30 minutes in total as staying for long periods can result in sickness, dizziness or fainting.
• No jumping or horseplay.
• Make a mental note of where the controls are, particularly any emergency shut-off buttons.
• To produce steam in the sauna, add one or two ladles of water, at intervals, over the rocks. Be careful when adding water and do not allow the heat to be uncomfortable to your nose or throat.
• When you have finished, use a dry towel to wrap yourself in and relax for 15–20 minutes or until your body temperature has returned to normal.
• Always replace lost fluids by drinking plenty of liquids – but not alcohol.

If you notice any damage, please report IT to your CV Villas Representative or the owner; do not attempt to repair anything yourself.

Lift Safety
• Do not use lifts in the event of a fire.
• Not all lifts are the same; some do not have interior doors. Please exercise caution particularly when using cage-style three-sided lifts.
• Children should not at any time be permitted to use the lifts without the supervision of adults.

Beach Safety
• Even the safest beaches can be dangerous in certain weather conditions.
• Be aware of depths, tides and currents. Check local advice and respect any warnings of strong currents.
• Do not swim alone or at night.
• Do not allow children to swim unsupervised.
• Do not use inflatable boats or lilos on open water.
• Swim along the shore and not out to sea.
• If the beach has a flag system, please learn and follow it.
• CV Villas do not recommend paragliding, para-ascending, banana boats or jet skiing.

Swimming Pool Safety
• Diving is not permitted.
• Please walk and do not run around the pool.
• Please be aware of the pool depths located on the pool plaque at the side of the pool or on the Pool Notice diagram situated by the pool.
• Please do not enter the pool with copious amounts of suncream/tanning oil on your skin.
• Swimming at night is not permitted.
• We advise that eating and drinking do not mix with swimming.
• No breakable items, e.g. drinking glasses, glass bottles, etc. are permitted around the pool.
• Inside furniture is to be kept inside the villa and not taken to the pool.
• Please do not lift or remove the pool filter covers.
• Please do not try to fix anything on your own.

Pool Safety for Children
• Children should never be left unsupervised in the swimming pool or around the pool area. Always check the depths.
• Please protect your children and ensure that they remain in view at all times, especially small children and weak swimmers.
• Check the depth of any children’s pool.
• Be aware of any changes in depths, in or near the children’s pool.
• Please discourage children from running around on slippery surfaces.
• Always ensure that non or weak swimmers wear suitable buoyancy aides although these should not be considered a substitute for vigilance and supervision.

Infinity Pools
• Also called Horizon Pools, they are increasingly popular as they offer incredible views from within the pool and its surroundings. Due to their design however, some have significant drops from the far edge. Our safety precautions suggested above, are particularly relevant with infinity pools and we would like to take this opportunity to emphasise:
• No standing or walking around the edge.
• Do not use inflatables (e.g. rings or lilos) in infinity/horizon pools.
• No diving.
• Children must always be accompanied at the pool and supervised at all times.
• No night swimming.

Cot Safety
• Cots and high chairs provided in accommodation usually conform to local rather than to UK standards. Please exercise caution.
• High chairs often do not have harnesses. Please ensure that a child is secure and do not leave a child unattended in a high chair.

• Do not feed, pet or play with any wild or domesticated animals.
• Please keep children from playing near wild or domesticated animals.
• Please use litter bins provided, thus discouraging wasps and vermin.

• Please avoid the sun’s strongest rays during the middle of the day.
• Always use a high factor sun protection suitable for your skin type and re-apply often, especially after swimming.
• Children should always wear a hat and have their shoulders covered.
• Never expose babies under six months to direct sunlight.
• Remember, fast tanning is not necessarily wise tanning.