Our 'One Day' inspired villas

Inspired By the French Road Trip In ‘One Day’? Well, now you can recreate it.

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As ‘One Day,’ the much-anticipated 14-part series has officially landed on Netflix, fans are buzzing with excitement to re-live the whirlwind romance of main characters Dexter and Emma.

Among the many twists and turns, the couple’s getaway to France stands out as one of the most memorable moments, thanks to the scenery and the blossoming relationship. With so many fans swooning over the idyllic French setting, we have hand picked our most beautiful villas along the French coast, inspired by the backdrop of Dexter and Emma’s iconic road trip.

Ready to be enchanted by panoramic views, lush gardens, and the timeless appeal of the Côte d'Azur? Here are the villas where the magic of ‘One Day’ comes to life and you can channel your inner David Nicholls main character energy.

Our ‘One Day’ Inspired French Villas

Villa Les Collines, Bay of Cannes.

At Villa Les Collines, the spirit of Dexter and Emma’s French road trip is alive and glistening in every corner. This villa, situated above the village of Cabris, offers open plan living spaces and inviting bedrooms, along with tranquil gardens, making it the ideal place for moments of introspection.

The east-facing terrace for sunrise coffees offers a nod to Dexter and Emma's shared moments of peace, and the medieval village forms an excellent backdrop for your own storyline to develop.

Villa Jasmina, Bay of Cannes.

With a broad terrace under an ancient oak, perfect for intimate dinners or solo reflections, Villa Jasmina offers a quiet escape where luxury meets the lushness of the Côte d’Azur. This is a great spot for those inspired by the new Netflix romance and are ready to reconnect with the love in their life, by slowing down and finding joy in nature together.

Maison Fleur, Bay of Cannes

Step directly into the pages of "One Day" with a stay at Maison Fleur. With secluded gardens and awe-inspiring sights, along with sun-soaked modern interiors, Maison Fleur offers the ultimate home away from home while experiencing firsthand the novel’s vivid descriptions of French beauty. 

The private heated pool and outdoor kitchen serve as a flawless set to create your timeless memories with comfort at your fingertips. The villa’s proximity to Cannes, Antibes, and Nice is another bonus. You can retrace the couple’s footsteps through the Riviera’s most charming spots.

Villa Magdeleine, Bay of St. Tropez

Nestled among rolling hills, Villa Magdeleine marries history with splendour in an environment that could have been part of the "One Day" set. This 18th-century shepherd’s accommodation, transformed into a luxurious villa, even comes with a private vineyard that is basically an invitation to enjoy a large glass of red wine.

The villa’s outdoor spaces come complete with a swimming pool with scenic views, plus the stunning green lawns are the perfect places to lounge while re-reading the novel and experiencing its unforgettable scenes once more.

Villa Vignoble, Bay of St. Tropez

Villa Vignoble captures the pastoral paradise that Dexter and Emma might have dreamed of, where traditional architecture meets contemporary flair.  Whether you are reconnecting with your family, friends or your significant other, the gorgeous scenery surrounding the villa will make you question if you’re in a work of fiction.

Le Petit Paradis, Bay of St. Tropez

Le Petit Paradis has everything - stunning sea views, a heated infinity pool and handy access to St Tropez. You can enjoy the sun sets beside the outdoor kitchen made for alfresco dining beneath the stars and discuss the most beautiful and heartbreaking moments of Nicholls' novel.

Its proximity to Ramatuelle and St. Tropez gives you the chance to live out your very own story of love and adventure on the French Riviera.

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