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Explain your role and how long you’ve been at CV.

My role is a resort representative. I look after the needs and requests of CV villa guests from just prior to their arrival in Corfu until they depart. I have worked for CV now for 10 years.

Describe a typical working day as a Representative .

We start with a general theme for duties on any one day. IE Monday is checking the houses for turnaround of  new bookings, Friday is the day for delivering departure details, however no day ever works out the way it's intended. We respond to our guests needs on an ongoing basis and this can take us on a totally different path for that day, then we play catch up with the original duties. No two days are ever the same and that’s probably why I love the job. There is always a daily challenge to overcome.

 What makes Corfu special? Why should people holiday there?

Corfiots are among the friendliest and laid back people I have come across. The island has a way of drawing you  back time and time again, as it did me and does so with a large percentage of the CV guests. Corfu town is a mixture of modern and old and is beautiful, by day or by night. 

Corfu Old Town

The Corfiot cuisine is the best.  Corfu Villas started here on the island in 1972 and has led the way in specialist villa holiday’s for many years. The diverse scenery, picturesque beaches or small inhabited bays, give variety for all.

If I visit Corfu, what’s the one meal I shouldn’t miss?

I would suggest the Greek Salad. The tomatoes, with their sweetness, these cannot be replicated anywhere and I have travelled quite a lot. Their local Greek sauce dishes are also very tasty, or perhaps a Greek Meze, which allows you to sample several small Greek dishes all at once.

Greek salad

which is your favourite villa within our whole portfolio and why?

I do not have a particular favourite as the choice of villas we offer vary in so many ways and it is dependent on what type of holiday you are looking for at the time.


Yes dependant on the age and make up of  each family there is something to offer for everyone. Smaller children just love to frolic in the pool all day. The older children like to sample water skiing, paddle boarding or dinghy sailing (just a few of the activities available). Parents with younger children need not worry about their children sitting quietly in a restaurant, as the restauranters encourage them to roam around and have a good time.There is plenty of sightseeing for those that are a little more adventurous. 

What would be your top tip for someone considering a villa holiday in Corfu?

To ensure the villa picked ticks all the boxes for their needs. IE Pool, walking distances, proximity to restaurants etc.

Villa Pythaia

 If you are tempted by Elina's top tips for a villa holiday in Corfu, take a look at our portfolio of beautiful villas.