5 travel trends for 2024

From bleisure to sustainable travel, here are the biggest trends to look for in the coming year.

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We might have only just reached the end of summer, but travel is all about planning (and booking) ahead. Sun-seekers, foodies and adventurers alike are becoming even more intentional about how they choose to spend their time away from home, with concepts like bleisure travel, tailored escapes and sustainable stays very much on the rise for 2024. From personalised experiences to work calls by the pool, here are the top travel trends to look for in the coming year.

1. Sizzling destinations

Wondering what destinations are hot for 2024? We've got you covered, with our top trending destinations for your next villa holiday.


Greece’s emerald isle is effortlessly cool and charming, with a rich heritage and pretty coastline that instantly reels you in. Whether it’s the style, sun, or sumptuous food, a villa holiday here is truly relaxing. 


Italy’s sunny south is truly enchanting, a region defined by its history, dramatic coastline and indulgently authentic food. Head on a villa holiday in Puglia to soak up the sun, sea and rich culture. 


The magical island of Mallorca is the ideal location for a special, sun-kissed summer holiday, whether it be a lazy poolside escape or a mountainous cycling break. 


Extraordinarily serene and delightfully timeless, Italy’s green heart is a villa paradise with gentle hills, ancient towns and a tradition-led charm that is sure to impress. And, being less frequented than well-known hot-spots like Tuscany, you'll likely beat the crowds too.

2. Sustainable travel

As environmental concerns continue to spark conversations across the world, travel is coming under the microscope more and more. And as our understanding of the issues surrounding sustainable tourism grows, it's vital that all travel companies are doing the best they can to improve their practices. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), 69% of holidaymakers are actively seeking sustainable travel options this year, and this is likely to carry on increasing. More and more travellers are prioritising greener practices, supporting local economies, and overall trying to leave less of a footprint on the destinations they visit. At CV Villas, we are incorporating sustainability principles across our business operations to deliver a positive impact both at home and overseas.

3. Tailored experiences

More and more holidaymakers are seeking greater freedom and choice in their getaways, in search of a trip that will reflect their individual tastes and requirements. Travellers want once-in-a-lifetime trips, seeking to explore new destinations with a different lens. This can range from broader concepts like wellness retreats to carefully planned weeks of excursions, wine-tasting, boat trips and more. If a tailored trip takes your fancy, our experienced Villa Specialists will be more than happy to create a bespoke itinerary for you and your party, so you can live like a local wherever you are.

4. Remote working

Remote working is back on the agenda for 2024. These aptly named 'bleisure' trips blur the lines between business and leisure, as more and more people seek to combine a work trip with a holiday. This concept has been on the rise since the pandemic, as less and less people are tied to physical offices. Now, employees are taking advantage of flexible corporate travel policies to optimise their work-life balance with a 'workation', allowing themselves to experience new places and cultures without having to give up work. Various destinations are creating new incentives to attract remote workers, with stronger WiFi and plenty of space to work comfortably. Whether you go alone or with friends and family, there's no better spot to take a Teams call than by your private pool.

5. A holiday for everyone

Multi-generational holidays have become vastly more popular since the pandemic, as families seek ways to spend more quality time together. Travelling with extended family isn't a new concept, but it's definitely getting more and more popular. Such trips not only allow for shared experiences and plenty of time for bonding, but they can also be much more cost-effective, as costs can be split among the group members. Our multi-generational villas have been hand-selected to please parents and grandparents, as well as children of all ages, to provide a memorable escape with the ones you love most.

If this article has inspired you to book your 2024 villa holiday, make sure to call and speak to one of our Villa Specialists, or send us an enquiry today.