Where to travel each month of 2024

Our month-by-month guide for your 2024 villa holiday

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 The weather's starting to get cold(ish), so when better to start planning your 2024 villa holiday? We've compiled a list of the best destinations to visit each month, whether you're seeking a summer escape in the Greek Islands or heavenly winter sun in the Caribbean. Want to see sunflowers bloom in Tuscany? Jet off in June. A quieter beach break in the Algarve? October is perfect. You'll discover our full list for the year below.


St Lucia

An island of beauty and excitement, St Lucia is truly a tropical paradise. Head here for the dramatic Pitons, volcanic beaches, beautiful crystalline waters and, of course, our heavenly villas. The winter months are the best time to travel to St Lucia if you're hoping for the nicest weather. In January, temperatures are warm (averaging around 27°C) and rainfall is minimal. January is also a perfect time for swimming, with water reaching a temperature of around 28°C - the ideal warmth for a dip. Where better to go and cure those post-Christmas blues?


Sri Lanka

Set among warm waters off the coast of India, Sri Lanka is an enchanting destination abounding in natural beauty. On a villa holiday in Sri Lanka, you can expect lush expanses of rainforest, endless sandy beaches, majestic elephants and world-famous Ceylon tea. February is undoubtedly one of the best months to travel in Sri Lanka, with warm and dry weather expected across all the key regions, including the Cultural Triangle. February falls out of the monsoon season so you'll avoid torrential rainfall, though it might be humid, so pack some layers!



Glorious blue skies, white sands, forest-clad hills, UNESCO sites and a welcoming sea of smiles - Antigua is certainly a destination to remember. The island is a water sports paradise with over 300 beaches to enjoy, alongside intricate hiking trails, rainforest zip lines and striking coral reefs that offer a world of exploration beyond your villa. Early springtime is the perfect time of year to visit the island, boasting pleasant temperatures and relatively little rainfall. Early to mid-March is ideal, meaning you get all the hot weather without the half-term holiday crowds. 



The perfect spot for a villa break, Kefalonia is a big island with lovely beaches, charming caves, delicious seafood, tempting wineries and a diverse natural habitat. It's the homeland of famous Greek myths, fascinating history and plenty of lovely scenery to explore, whether you'd rather do so by foot or boat. April tends to be the driest month in Kefalonia and, as the temperatures are a fair bit cooler than the summer's scorching highs, you'll have more opportunities to explore the island without getting too warm. The water around Kefalonia is around 16℃ during April, so it will feel a little cool when first entering, but you'll warm up quickly.



The biggest and hottest of the Greek Islands, Crete is an expansive Eden of beaches, quaint villages, lively resorts and a rich history. In May, the warm weather and countless hours of sunshine provide the perfect conditions for a villa holiday by the beach. This month also brings beautiful wildflowers that can be spotted across the countryside. Most businesses and attractions are open in May as the island heads towards its peak season, but the holiday hotspots remain beautifully uncrowded at this time. It's an ideal month for exploring the sights, while still being hot enough to relax by the pool with a sundowner.



Italy's romantic central region is a place where world-class art, pastoral rolling hills, handsome hilltop towns and cypress-studded vineyards are right on your doorstep. A villa holiday here is all about the views and the culture, whether you're seeking a secluded group getaway or romantic retreat. Late spring to early summer in Tuscany means great weather and long, sunny days. June combines the convenience of peak season with pleasant warmth; generally days are hot with balmy evenings. The daily maximum temperature averages at around 27°C, while lows brush 17°C. The first sunflowers of the summer season start to bloom in June, and plenty of quaint local festivals occur around then too.



Greece's emerald isle is effortlessly cool and charming, with a dramatic coastline and rich heritage. Whether you're seeking style, sun or sumptuous food, a villa holiday here never fails to impress. Expect olive trees tumbling towards sandy beaches, and little villages oozing quaint tradition. While the island is a lovely year-round destination, July is definitely one of the best times to visit. It's the driest month, with very little rainfall if any, and evenings are usually balmy. Sunshine averages around 11 hours per day, and daily highs are usually around 33℃ - perfect for lazy days spent at the poolside.



Puglia is nestled in Italy's sleepy, sunny south, a region that is dramatic, enchanting and indulgently simple. Here, holidaymakers can expect iconic trulli towns, picture-perfect beaches and baroque beauty, alongside UNESCO-proclaimed sites and an olive-tree studded countryside. Puglia has a Mediterranean climate of hot, dry summers and mild winters. If hot summer days are your cup of tea, then August is definitely the perfect time to visit. The average temperatures are in the mid-twenties, and visitors can enjoy warm evenings too. August is the high season here, meaning there's plenty to do, from relaxing on some of Italy's best beaches to delving deep into the region's history on an afternoon tour.


Côte d'Azur

The glamorous Côte d’Azur is all about glitzy sights, iconic beaches and unadulterated relaxation. There are plenty of pretty, star-studded towns and villages, postcard-topping beaches and exquisitely scenic mountain vistas, plus a serious food and wine culture. After the crowds of August have headed home, September provides the ideal time for a quieter break. Air and sea temperatures tend to remain quite warm throughout the month, and while September is still considered high season, you'll have much more space and freedom to enjoy the endless beaches, nature trails, museums and restaurants.


The Algarve

The trendy and sun-kissed south of Portugal is one of the best destinations for a villa holiday, a place where soaring red cliffs meet crystal-clear waters, and pretty towns melt into glorious beaches. The Algarve is a tourist trap that is popular year-round, though the off-season is definitely one of the best times to visit. In October, the weather remains delightfully warm, and the beaches are much quieter than in the summer. Away from the sizzling temps of the high season, autumn allows visitors to enjoy sightseeing, hiking and biking in much more manageable conditions. It's also a fantastic time to visit nearby wineries, with the grape harvest in full swing.



Marrakech is a dazzling city of bright colours, rich flavours and balmy sunshine. Offering the best of both worlds, our villas are located within reach of the city's bustling souks and the Medina, though are far away enough to enjoy utter peace and tranquility in your own private oasis. November in Marrakech is known for its desirable weather, and there are plenty of tourist attractions open at this time of year too. Whether you're seeking to take off on a hot air balloon ride, explore lush Moroccan gardens or enjoy a day trip to the Atlas mountains, you'll be able to avoid the crowds and enjoy a truly relaxing experience.



A holiday in Barbados offers a glimpse of paradise. The island consistently wows visitors with its white sands, tasty seafood, limestone hills and calm, clear waters - not to mention its fantastic rum cocktails. December is the ideal month to visit, as the weather is likely to be at its driest. Luckily, Barbados is one of those glorious islands with a beautifully warm, tropical climate year-round. But in December, temperatures hover in the low-to-mid 30s, making it the perfect time to escape from our cold British winters. Christmas dinner by the beach, anyone?

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