Villas with pools in France

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Discover our range of beautiful villas in France with their own private pools.

Beautiful villas with their own private pools in france

France is the perfect destination for a summer holiday, while a villa with a pool adds a touch of luxury to make any holiday truly memorable and utterly relaxing. Many locations in France such as Provence, are in the beautiful and secluded countryside, meaning a trip to the beach is a drive away; a villa with a private pool provides an instant way to cool off when the temperature rises. Whether you're looking for a farmhouse in Provence or an ultra modern villa in Cannes, the majority of our villas to rent in France have the luxury of a private pool.

Within our French portfolio, we feature villas with private pools across Biarritz, Corsica, Cote d'Azur, Dordogne, Languedoc and Provence. This includes a range of different pool types included heated and gated pools, which are great for families with young children, as well as infinity pools for something special.

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