Top 5 must do’s when visiting Tuscany

Our top 5 recommendations when visiting Tuscany.

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The recipe to a perfect holiday is an extraordinary villa but also a marvellous itinerary. Yes, you are there for the sun, but you are also there to explore new environments, discover the culture and create unforgettable memories. Take a look at our suggestions below for some inspiration on what to get up to when visiting Tuscany.

1. Visit the Lavender fields

Tuscany holds a handful of incredible and jaw dropping lavender fields. The kind of fields that look like they belong in a painting, that something so pretty it could never exist in real life. Well, it does, and if you visit, you not only get to take in the views in real life, but you also get to experience the incredible scent of lavender, in acres. We highly recommend visiting these panoramic purple fields, a once in a lifetime opportunity providing memories that will stay with you forever.

Where to stay

Casa Gelsomino is based close to all the lavender fields, in the region of Pisa. The closest and most popular lavender field in Santa Luce, is just a fifteen minute drive away. 

2. Wine tasting

Of course Italy is known for good wine and extravagant vineyards, but sometimes with too much choice, it's hard to know where to start. Well, lucky for you, we have done the rounds already and found our favourite, so you can spend less time researching, and more time indulging. ‘Casa Lucci’ is a must visit and oozes traditional Italy with charming locals and rustic surroundings whilst supplying visitors with incredible service, nibbles and wine; trust us on this one. 

Where to stay

We won't blame you if you fancy basing yourself around here. Le Cascine is just a twenty minute drive away which gives you an opportunity to stay a little later at the vineyard, and watch the sunsets whilst sipping away.

3. Truffle Hunting

If you enjoy the outdoors, dogs, and fresh produce, then why not try out Truffle hunting. Truffles strive in Tuscany, particularly the ‘King Truffle’, the number one truffle in the world. ‘Truffle Tuscany’ is owned by a local man ‘Masssimo’ who has grown up in the area and holds bounds of generational knowledge around this subject. He offers private, group and customised hunting tours with a handful of cooking experiences alongside. 

Where to stay

Arco Delle Rose is just over a thirty minute drive away. A cook service is also available on request in this villa if you like to enjoy delicious delicacies around the clock.

4. Visit the capital, Florence

Florence, a city full of history, phenomenal architecture and colourful landscapes. Whatever your interests, Florence is sure to cover them as it is known worldwide for being the artistic, cultural, political and financial centre of Europe. So if your idea of a day out is observing art, take a trip to the ‘Uffizi’ gallery, if you enjoy being in the centre of history, visit the ‘Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore’, and if you’ve got some spare time after that, enjoy yourself by strolling down cobbled streets looking for some classic Italian food to indulge in.

Where to stay

Villa Chiantisol is just over a forty minute drive away from Florence, yet perfectly and peacefully located in a private area with panoramic views. This villa is in a great location for touring Florence whilst still enjoying the comforts of the countryside.

5. Explore the Tuscan coast

It wouldn't be a blog recommendation without suggesting some beaches. The Tuscan coast holds handfuls of charming sandy beaches with crystal clear water. Just because Tuscany is renowned for its picture postcard countryside, doesn't mean it lacks on the beach front. 

Where to stay

Villa Ottavia is located on a tip of the Argentario peninsula, with breathtaking panoramas of the sea. This incredibly stylish villa has been recently built and is the perfect spot to explore local beaches, shopping and restaurants.

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