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Italian Apulian Meatballs Recipe

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Italian Apulian Meatballs Recipe


  • 2 cups of stale bread
  • 500g minced veal (can also be made with pork)
  • Grated pecorino cheese
  • Parsley
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 2 organic eggs
  • salt and pepper

- Put the bread in water until it softens, then break up into breadcrumbs

- Mince parsley and garlic and add it to the breadcrumbs.                         

- Add all remaining ingredients then knead to mix.

- Roll  the meatballs by wetting the palm of your hands with red wine to prevent the dough from flaking.

- Fry in plenty of olive oil until they turn golden, dab any excess oil with kitchen roll.      

- Eat them immediately while they are still hot or reheat them for 5 minutes in tomato and basil sauce.


If you're feeling inspired by Raffaella's recipe for Puglian meatballs, check out our range of pretty villas in Puglia here.



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