Next stop: Turkey

A hot destination for 2019

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With bookings for the region up by 49%, it’s a good job we’ve added 11 new properties in Turkey for 2019. What’s more, the on-going weakness of the Turkish lira means that travellers can expect their pounds to go a lot further in Turkey compared to some other destinations, making for a somewhat cheaper holiday. So, why is Turkey our destination of the month for March?

A holiday in Turkey offers more than just white sandy beaches near our beach villas,  and mouth-watering Baklava. This beautiful country has centuries of rich heritage, a welcoming atmosphere and a diverse culture. Our portfolio includes some superb properties in our Turkey family villas collection with children's pools, table tennis and board games

The Blue Mosque, Istanbul

The most famous city is Istanbul; this mesmerizing place combines historical buildings with modern skyscrapers, and has a vast selection of landmarks to explore such as The Grand Bazaar, Topkapi Palace and the Blue Mosque. This alluring city is offers skyline views and cultural variety, but for a villa holiday we recommend heading over to the beautiful South-West Coast. 

Through the port hole of a Turkish boat called a gulet

Kalkan is a beautiful town on the turquoise coast. The picturesque harbour is an idyllic spot and from where you start a gulet boat trip, stopping off at different secluded bays for snorkelling perhaps even spotting the odd turtle or dolphin whilst relishing local homemade delicacies. If you are lucky you will be able to assist the captain fishing.  

Kalkan’s town centre has a wide selection of shops selling homemade trinkets, beautiful jewellery and clothing made from local linen. Amongst the shops there is a selection of restaurants each with their own unique twist on traditional Turkish dishes, many providing rooftop seating perfect for a sunset cocktail or candlelit dinner. 

Once a week this energetic town hosts a vibrant traditional market where locals from around the area come to sell handicrafts, fabrics, spices and food as well as the reasonably priced designer copied handbags. 

Taxis are readily available in Kalkan, meaning it’s stress-free for guests to get around and there’s no need to worry if a villa isn’t right in the centre of the town, or up a steep hill. 

Loggerhead turtle

Located just a short drive above Kalkan is the peaceful village of Islamlar, it boasts unspoilt views from its luscious hill tops and has plenty of hideaways to explore. You’ll come across a handful of family run trout farms, which serve delicious meals.  A typical meal consists of fried cheese, meze, village bread and pan-fried trout.  Also the breakfasts are not to be missed as it is quite an irresistible feast of local produce. 

A 20 minute drive away from Islamlar you will find the ancient ruins of Patara. This was once one of the major ports of Lycia and is famous for being the birthplace of St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra and the future Santa Claus. These beautiful ruins are not to be missed along with Patara’s white sandy beach, known as the breeding ground for the endangered Loggerhead turtles. 


The picturesque town of Kas lies at the foot of the Taurus Mountains, this quaint town has a range of shops selling produce from local villages such as popular Turkish sweets, different varieties of cheese, olives and so much more to entice enthusiastic foodies. As you enter the town you come to a small port where you can enjoy traditional Turkish coffee from one of the local cafes. For those feeling adventurous, some of the boats docked at the port also offer scuba diving lessons to take you around the coast exploring the hidden coves. Whether you’re a beach lover, a foodie or an explorer, this exceptional country has something for everyone.

Aside from the beautiful scenery and extraordinary food, the friendly and welcoming locals will make your Turkish holiday unique, relaxing and carefree.

Villa Koti

The majority of our houses in the Turkey portfolio are flexible, meaning guests can arrive on different days of the week and are not limited to only one or two week stays. Another highlight for sun worshippers is the range of beach clubs. For guests looking to spend a day by the water in Kas or Kalkan, local beach clubs will actually pick you up from your villa, let guests relax for the day and use the facilities free of charge, bearing in mind you buy or drink or two, and will even drop you home at the end of the day. This is also a great option if you have a late flight and need to check out of the villa in the morning, spend the day at the beach and make the most of the Turkish sun.

If you’re feeling inspired to book a trip to Turkey, a good place to start is our collection of villas with pools, or call 0207 261 5400 to speak to a travel expert.