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Explain your role and how long you’ve been at CV

My role as Balearic representative based in Ibiza is to make sure that all our CV guests arrive to a warm welcome, a quality hamper of food set up in their villa – with nice cold beers and wine! Guests are made to feel like real VIPs during their stay – whether they want boats, chefs or beach clubs (or clubs!) booking for them, we can arrange. 

Describe a typical working day as a Representative

After the school run, enjoy some fantastic Ibiza roasted coffee in Santa Eulalia from the new Meke cafe. Contact our guests in resort to see if they are enjoying their holiday or need help or advice with anything. See who is arriving next and make sure the villa will be ready for them.

 I normally drop an email a week in advance and introduce myself and by that time people are getting very excited about their arrival. Getting them their route directions is key, as people can get a bit lost in the campo at times if their GPS signal disappears! We always have written instructions to get you to your villa and if you are not hiring a car our transfer companies always know the locations of our villas.   

What makes Ibiza special? Why should people holiday there? 

Ibiza is not just what it seems like on mundane TV shows or terrible netflix films!

It offers so much more than what the majority of people think it does, so for those of us that are lucky enough to be in the know about this part of the Balearics and to have lived here, or holidayed here regularly, we feel very privileged to have experienced the full spectrum of everything it offers: gastronomy, music, beaches, nightlife, hiking, cycling, wine tasting and market shopping not to mention sailing. 

In addition to this, the tiny beautiful island of Formentera being so close by it makes one feel really spolit for choice.    

If I visit Ibiza, what’s the one meal I shouldn’t miss?

I would have to say a meal from my husband who is our go-to CV chef in Ibiza, he can make just about anything taste delicious, but I am biased!! 

Restaurant wise, for me it would be an extremely delicious meal from the famous restaurant La Paloma in San Lorenzo, which is a firm favourite of many of our CV guests and is located quite centrally so is never more than a 10-20 min drive from any of our villas.

 I will always remember being pregnant and the waiter bringing me a virgin cocktail over on arrival, without me even asking! Good service and amazing food. 

Which is your favourite villa within our whole portfolio and why?

They are all fabulous in their own way, but if I had to choose one which I would find best suited my type of holiday with friends it would be Villa Gertrudis as it is so close to many good restaurants and is surrounded by nature whilst being very convenient for town and Santa Eulalia – not to mention the village of Santa G itself, which is a firm favourite of mine having had two very dear friends get married in the church there.

Villa Gertrudis

Would you recommend Ibiza as a good destination for a family holiday?

I have enjoyed living here as a parent more even more than I did as a “young free and single” so that says a lot about being here with children. 

It is much more child friendly than people imagine and so many families move here after holidaying here, just like us. Many of our CV guests come out for a family get-together with their grown up children too, then their children’s partners want to come along, and then their parents as well! The holidays here just evolve and luckily we have some nice spacious villas to cater for this. 

What would be your top tip for someone considering a villa holiday in Ibiza?

Ok, think carefully about where you want to have access to. Are you really going to want to go to the beach many days if you have a beautiful pool and views? 

Are you a foodie and want to be very close to great selection of good restaurants or do you like a drink and a dance and prefer to be somewhere super convenient to get cabs to and fro. So many tips and hints but you will have essential help from our great Sales Team who always work together with us reps to make sure that each villa is suitable for the type of holiday our customer wants.

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