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CV Villas offers an extensive variety of travel options to Puglia, over and above providing our customers with an exceptional villa holiday. Scroll down the page for more information about flights, or click on the link below to contact us to discuss your travel requirements.

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CV Villas are delighted to announce that we have managed to secure our own allocation of scheduled seats on British Airways from London Heathrow to Brindisi. As those who have travelled to Puglia before will know, these flights are most sought after and usually book up very early.

Saturdays 04 July – 29 Aug 2020

Outbound Flight BA 614
Departure: London Heathrow 08:15
Arrival: Brindisi Airport 12:20
Inbound Flight BA 615
Departure: Brindisi Airport 13:00
Arrival: London Heathrow 14:50

Departures Dates

7 Days



















Please note that flight prices are only indicative, and are based on booking a package.

Please note that at the time of writing, British Airways flights booked through CV Villas cannot be managed online. This means, for example, that you will not be able to pre-allocate your seats, and neither is CV Villas able to on your behalf. This is beyond our control. We hope that the situation will change in due course, but for now we recommend that customers arrive at the airport in good time in order to check in on the day. All our bookings with BA are 100% guaranteed and in all other respects you will enjoy the high standards of service expected.

On this Bari flight passengers will benefit from BA's renowned in-flight service, complimentary snacks and drinks and a generous 23kgs one piece baggage allowance. In addition they can enjoy comfortable leather seats with up to 31" legroom and a selection of complimentary newspapers. For passengers travelling with infants the baggage allowance is 1 piece of 23 kgs hold bag, plus 1 hand bag of 10 kg, 1 stroller on hold and 1 car seat on hold.

’Low cost’, web based airlines, and charter airlines fly to an increasing number of airports across to Italy. If you would like us to look in to booking flights for you, please ask your Travel Expert who will be happy to look in to options for you.

Please note that all scheduled and low cost flights booked ( except our allocaiton of scheduled flights)  need to be paid in full at the time of booking.

Most flights are daily with some seasonal variation. Provided the same airline is used, flights can be booked into and out from different airports for maximum flexibility.

Children are defined as being 2 -11 years on date of travel and pay full adult fare. Infant charges start from £90.

Please ensure the following passport information is provided on booking for all party members: Passport number, country of issue, issue and expiry dates, full name as it appears on passports, nationality, date of birth and gender.

Please check before departure for any updated information regarding baggage policy, as most low cost and some charter providers charge extra for hold baggage. Any lost baggage must be reported to the airline or the airline’s ground agent immediately at the baggage reclaim area.

We are also delighted to offer the No.1 Traveller airport lounges at Gatwick North & South, Heathrow Terminal 2 and Stansted, for the perfect start to your holiday.

a) No Smoking: All flights are designated as no-smoking flights.
b) Flight Amendments/Cancellations: Some charter flights and most scheduled flights  are non-transferable and once booked, no changes are permitted. The Company reserves the right to treat name changes as cancellations. Please refer to Booking Conditions numbers 5, 6, 7 and 8 for flight cancellation charges. Some priveleged conditions apply for our own charter flight and scheduled flight seats where we hold secure allocation of seats.
c) Infants/Children/Unaccompanied minors: In the interests of security unaccompanied minors are not accepted on any flights. An unaccompanied minor is a passenger of 15 or under this age. This means that all children travelling must be accompanied by an adult 18 years of age or above. An infant is classified as being more than two weeks old and less than two years old; Airlines are unable to accept carriage of infants under two weeks old. If an infant is two years old for the return trip then a return child/adult seat must be purchased. Nappy changing facilities are available on all flights. Meals are not provided for infants however the cabin crew are very happy to warm baby milk if required. Although infants do not have a baggage allowance, parents are allowed to take either a car seat or push chair in addition to the parents allowance free of charge and within reason. For some scheduled flights the  rules may be different. Please ask your Travel Expert for any specific information/cases.
d) Expectant Mothers: After the 28th week of pregnancy prior notification of travel must be given to the Pre Departure Services department and a medical certificate will be required stating the stage of pregnancy for the homeward flight and confirming fitness to fly. Expectant mothers will be accepted for carriage up to the end of the 33rd week of pregnancy on the return journey. All expectant mothers should carry a medical certificate for intended travel. (Please note: Passengers who are pregnant are not allowed to book extra legroom seats for safety reasons.) Documentation from a Doctor or Midwife must be carried confirming proof of the due date in case the airline (or the carrier) have reason to question the term of your pregnancy. Carriage may be refused if you fail to provide this information.
e) One-Way Seats: Due to Civil Aviation Authority regulations, all flights mentioned on our web site are available as part of a holiday on a round trip basis only. Under no circumstances can they be used as one-way. Anyone trying to return to the UK on an inbound only sector will be refused permission to board the aircraft and no refund will apply.
f) Special Requests: Vegetarian meals can be requested through CV Villas and the name(s) given of whom the request applies. Other special dietary requirements and wheelchair assistance must be made clear on booking.
g) Special Seating Requests: Any passenger travelling who requires special seating arrangements for medical reasons please call our Pre-Departures Services Team on 020 7261 5499.
h) Luggage Allowance: For adults and children, scheduled flights have an allowance of 20 or 23kg per person (30kg in Club Class or equivalent), and 10kg per infant. Discounted flights have an allowance of 20kg per person, with no luggage allowance for infants. Please check before departure for any updated information regarding baggage policy.
i) Conditions of Carriage: All flight reservations for our holidays are made on the understanding that the Conditions of Carriage of the airline will prevail. In particular, airlines reserve the right to withdraw a flight or consolidate flights at their discretion. Any such changes are covered by clause 5 of our Booking Conditions detailed on this website.
j) Airlines and Aircraft Types: The airline and types of aircraft which are likely to be used for our holidays are specified in the flight panels. The arrangements are not however definite at the time of compiling this information and firm information cannot be given about the airline and the type of aircraft. The airlines have the right to alter departure times accordingly.


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