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Explain your role and how long you’ve been at CV

I look after our guests needs and problems prior to and during their vacation with us. From dealing with a broken air conditioning unit to organising a private chef at the villa. Mainly the role is being available to clients when they have an issue and giving them the confidence that there is someone with expert local knowledge to assist them. I have worked with CV Villas for 4 years now.

Describe a typical working day as a Representative

A typical day during high season will start by checking my messages and emails to see if there are any urgent problems that need addressing in resort, if there is nothing particularly urgent I begin to contact guests who will be arriving in the next couple of weeks to ascertain if they need anything organised for their upcoming trip, such as boat charter or perhaps a private massage at the villa and even booking restaurants for them.

I will then proceed to start visiting the guests that are currently in resort to check that they are enjoying themselves and to see if they need any assistance with anything or perhaps just to have a chat and a coffee on the terrace an answer questions regarding local attractions, great beaches and places to visit.

What makes Mallorca special? Why should people holiday there?

That is a very tricky question as there is so much that Mallorca has to offer depending on your tastes. The obvious answer is the sun but that would be a far too simplistic answer. Mallorca has spectacular scenery, amazing beaches and is relatively small so the whole island is accessible from almost any location. I guess it is also perceived as safe so families travel here with a sense of ease and comfort.

There has been a gastronomy boom in Mallorca in recent years and the quality of restaurants and local produce that guests can now experience is second to none.

One thing that has changed in recent years that I have noticed in particular is that Mallorca has become a mecca for sport enthusiasts, particularly for cyclists, Mallorca is now the number one cycling destination in Europe for the spring and autumn months. However, it is not just cyclists that flock to Mallorca, kite surfers, walkers, sailing enthusiasts all visit the island looking to enjoy their passion.

If I visit Mallorca, what’s the one meal I shouldn’t miss?

Mixed Paella!! When it arrives at the table it just looks spectacular and there is something there for fish and meat lovers alike.

Mixed Paella

Which is your favourite villa within our whole portfolio and why?

My personal favourite would be Ca’n Manzano, lovingly restored from an old olive press it manages to retain the charm and character of the original building while being state of the art and beautifully appointed. It also has spectacular views towards the historic town of Pollensa.

Ca'n Manzano

Would you recommend Mallorca as a good destination for a family holiday?

Absolutely, short flight, fantastic beaches and loads to do for children of all ages.

Cala Deia

What would be your top tip for someone considering a villa holiday in Mallorca?

Try and make sure that you have a clear idea of exactly what is important for you before you make the booking. Do you need a heated pool? Is walking distance to a village important? Is a view a priority? Ask as many questions as you can prior to booking that way you are likely to end up with the right property to meet your needs.

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