5 Predictions for travel in 2022

5 Travel trends we expect to see in 2022

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Wondering what travel might look like in the year ahead? While the past two years may have been impossible to predict, the future is bright for travel in 2022. From holidays with furry friends in tow, to working from home with a difference, I’ve pulled together 5 predicted travel trends for this year. 

Remote working holidays

So the government advice here in the UK currently is to work from home if possible, but hybrid working is here to stay as it encourages better work-life balance and gives employees much more flexibility, plus it’s tried and tested. With this in mind, remote working doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re restricted to your own home or local coffee shop, why not work from a villa instead? (If your employer allows it of course.) 

Nearly every single one of our villas has WiFi, so if you are an office worker with flexibility, a work from home holiday is the perfect opportunity to spice up your 9-5. Get paid to start your day with a morning dip, enjoy your lunch break on a sunny terrace and after you’ve logged off for the day, head out to a local restaurant or enjoy the services of a cook, while you sit back and relax. Weekends are then free for exploring.

Pet-friendly adventures

Whether as an excuse to leave the house during lockdown, to reduce stress and loneliness or to keep kids entertained, 3.2 million households in the UK have acquired a pet since the start of the pandemic! This means that a whopping 33% of the population now have a dog. 

So instead of joining the waiting list for doggy day care, more and more of our guests will be taking their furry friends on holiday with them - they are part of the family after all. Consequently, we have now created a collection of pet-friendly villas. Just don’t forget your pet’s passport!

Making up for lost time trips

While some of us took the opportunity to travel under the UK’s traffic light system last year, others put plans on hold and jumped aboard the staycation bandwagon. This year we’re seeing holidaymakers from retirees and empty nesters to those with a newfound gratitude for the ability to travel saying yes to overseas holidays. 

Being deprived of something we love has encouraged many to look at travel with fresh eyes and be open to new destinations and types of holiday that we may not have considered before. Making up for lost time sees us replacing weekend city breaks with longer, more luxurious holidays to remember. People will certainly value their holidays more, seizing the opportunity to travel the world and savouring each and every moment.

Unique stays

In a new era of travel, people are looking for something different, something they haven’t seen before. From a lovely restored olive mill to the 17th century home of a Maltese Knight, our collection of unique villas fits the bill. A collection in which no two villas are the same and each and every one offers something out of the ordinary, including a Spanish finca, which can only be described as the epitome of luxury with its very own gym, fully-stocked bar and pottery workshop!

Digital Detoxes

On the contrary to remote working holidays, digital detoxes are also on the rise. In the world of instant culture in which we live, of overnight deliveries and fast food in minutes, it’s sometimes good for the soul to go ‘off grid’. Imagine switching off your mobile phone and being uncontactable for a week or more (thrilling, isn’t it?). 

Choose somewhere to stay in a perfectly private and secluded villa, with vistas to match your mood whether that’s rolling Tuscan hills, the tranquil sea or something in between.