Luxury Villas In Western Cyprus

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From the stunning golden beach and lively tavernas in Coral Bay, to the private beaches and magnificent landscapes in Pomos, and the traditional charm of the town of Polis, Western Cyprus is the perfect holiday destination for families, friends and couples alike.

Western Cyprus villa holiday guide

With splendid golden beaches, glistening turquoise waters, and stunning landscapes, Western Cyprus captivates guests with its old-world charm, offering an unforgettable experience in an enviable location with 10,000 years of history. From traditional restaurants and plenty of cocktail bars in the stunning coastal town of Coral Bay, the Natural History Museum in the fishing village of Pomos, or Polis, a small town on the edge of the Akamas peninsula nature reserve, villa holidays in Western Cyprus offer activities and sceneries for all tastes.

Pomos village seascape in Cyprus with fisherman fishing on an off-shore rock

Things to do

The quiet streets of Pomos give you a feeling of being immersed in Cyprus’s exquisite beauty, well preserved heritage and unique culture, soaking you in its old-world charm. Visit the Natural History Museum in Pomos, follow the coastal road to the town of Polis, explore the pine forests at the base of the Troodos Mountains and go snow-skiing and water-skiing on the same day. In this mountain range you will find ancient monasteries, mines and long-standing villages. Beach lovers will find sand and seafood at Coral Bay, backed by limestone cliffs.

Pomos coastline


Paphos town is just a 15-minute drive from Coral Bay. Admire preserved Roman mosaics dating back 2,000 years at Paphos Archaeological Park, included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list since 1980. Paphos Castle, a Byzantine construction, is just a short stroll from the Archaeological Park with remarkable views of the fishing harbour. Explore the fascinating burial chambers at Tomb of the Kings before visiting the Baths of Aphrodite and ruins of the Gialia Monastery at the village of Gialia, located near the town of Polis.

The castle of Paphos

Eating and drinking in Cyprus

Cypriot gastronomy is strongly influenced by Greek and Turkish cuisine. Among its typical meals we highlight Meze, a selection of delicacies usually served at the beginning of multi-course meals – salads, taramasalata (dip made of fish roe), hummus, tehina, halloumi, and many other traditional dishes. Some of the main desserts are the bourekia (a goat cheese doughnut flavoured with cinnamon and orange blossom) and the risogalo (local rice pudding). For fresh fish, visit seafood restaurants in Pomos. Enjoy breezy cocktails in bars along the coast of Coral Bay or stroll down Agiou Antoniou Street in Paphos into a taverna for a couple of late night drinks.

A Cypriot salad